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Mariposa Psychiatric Center
Mariposa Psychiatric Center

The Practice

Philosophy of Care

Elizabeth Homan, MD is Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Board Certified General Psychiatrist who believes in welcoming patients in an environment that fosters healing, growth, and a higher standard of mental health care.  Dr. Homan believes in hope and transformation through an empathic, thorough, biological-psychological-social-cultural evaluation.  In one location, with one physician patients are able to obtain clarification of diagnosis and evidence based treatment recommendations.  Rather than fragmenting care between multiple sites and clinicians, Dr. Homan has the education, experience, and expertise to meet patients and their families for therapy and medication management all in a calming and comfortable private office.    

Experience and Professionalism

As a physician Dr. Homan is dedicated to excellence and evidence based care to help each patient on their journey to minimize suffering and to reach their full potential.   Dr. Homan has experience at many levels of mental health care, including inpatient, emergency room, clinic, partial hospitalization, DBT group therapy, family therapy, and telepsychiatry. With over 13 years of education and training required to become a Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, patients will receive the highest level of mental health expertise.

CLinical Care Approach

Mariposa Psychiatric Center provides clinical care to patients 3-21 years old.  Dr. Homan has expertise to evaluate and treat all mental health issues (Depression, Mood Disorders, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, ADHD), she also has special interest in areas of Cultural Psychiatry, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Binge Eating, Insomnia,  Selective Mutism, and Chronic Medical Illness (transplant, oncology, etc).  In the soothing environment, patients complete an initial or second opinion evaluation to clarify diagnosis and treatment recommendations, see the same physician for evidence based therapy, and receive expert medication management if indicated.  


Expertise, Empathy, Excellence